Tough Girl

me and willowTough Girl is not really tough at all, she’s just resilient, although she never loses a fight, and does not hesitate to speak truth to power. In support of the articulation of marginalized stories and suppressed voices, Andrea’s blog, Tough Girl, is both poetic and hard-hitting, a representation of her character, as much as one’s personality can be defined.

Andrea Collins is a passionate writer, editor, activist, and creative writing instructor. She has written poetry, essays, and short stories since early childhood. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in publications, such as Plath Profiles, The Rumpus, The Turnip Truck(s), Apeiron Review, Matter, Off the Rocks, Beach Unleash, Heart & Sole, and Bridge Eight. Some of her work from her thesis can be read within her blog, to include several installments of her memoir, many poems, and a creative writing workshop series developed for non-profit organizations called, “Designing and Conducting Writer’s Workshops to Awaken Social Consciousness.”

Endeavoring to provoke equality and compassion for all sentient beings, Andrea is an avid volunteer and advocate for animal rights and rescue. As a loyal servant of creative writing, people, and the natural world, her primary urge is to write witness poetry, writing that speaks to much of what she cannot change, poetry that is capable of changing her, and hopefully, a few of her readers.

Andrea is a graduate of Antioch University Midwest where she earned her Individualized Master of Arts in creative writing. She completed her BA in English with a concentration in creative writing from Wittenberg University. She supports Pit Sisters as a volunteer, Warrior Writers and Left on Mallory as a facilitator,  Women Writing for (a) Change, Jacksonville, as a circle member and volunteer, and The Shanty Boat as a student, in Jacksonville, FL. She continues to develop her portfolio, facilitate her workshops, and cultivate meaningful relationships within her community and beyond.

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