The Confession








*Inspired by public speculation about the song, “Sally, Go ’Round the Roses.”

Sally went ’round the roses in 1963

For more than 50 years, her secret was safe with me
Though roses didn’t hurt her, the thorn of scorn cut deep
For girls who loved each other then
the backlash was too steep


If Sally hadn’t gone downtown on that fateful day
she never would have seen the kiss that made her run away
Sally went ’round the roses to deal with her pain
Hair hung down, thought she’d drown
Tears fell just like rain

Roses won’t tell secrets…and I won’t tell a lie:
I had been the other girl, the one who made her cry
The ex of Sally’s girlfriend, we were saying our goodbyes–
and that is what went down that day
right before her eyes

We lived in different times then – closet doors were closed
For those who’d want acceptance, a straight life was imposed
Sally went ’round the roses; in solitude she cried
Now a friend has shared the news that last week
Sally died

I regret I never told her: Things aren’t always as they seem–
but she couldn’t face her lover; Sally’s hurt was too extreme
So before the final farewells; casket lowered in the ground
I’ll bring roses to her funeral
for one last go around.

Sandy Stert Benjamin is a writer/poet with an interest in popular music.

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One thought on “The Confession

  1. I remember this song from the 60s (Sally Go ‘Round the Roses) and the stories about its hidden subject matter.
    The Confession “solves” the decades-long mystery, even if it is conjecture. Thanks for sharing.

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