St. Johns County Animal Control: You Are Not Above the Law


Emma is adoptable through Pit Sisters, Photo by Margaret Stahl, Maggie’s Equine Photos

On the surface, I may seem like a dog-crazy-animal-loving-fanatic, especially when it comes to pit bull terriers. I wear t-shirts that say, “I may seem nice, but if you mess with my dog I will break out a level of crazy that will make your nightmares seem like a happy place” and “I Kissed a Pit Bull and I Liked It.” I often post unsavory images of abused, neglected, and abandoned animals on my Facebook page. I may notice subtle looks of judgment or the occasional moment of frozen quiet when someone realizes that my wife and I are strict vegetarians, and we spend at least 50% of our daily lives fostering, rescuing, or supporting animal rescue groups, such as Pit Sisters, but that type of social marginalization doesn’t scare me.

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Octavio Paz’s Other Voice: An Imagined Conversation Between Nicole Cooley & Rita Dove


Tough Girl and Rita Dove at The Dodge Poetry Festival.

In order to explicate my concept of the writer’s life and a writer’s relationship to writing, I have created an imagined conversation between Nicole Cooley, author of a book of poetry titled, The Afflicted Girls, and Rita Dove, who also wrote a novelistic collection of poetry called, Sonata Mulattica:

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