No Room for Hate


dirt beneath our feet
welcome mat beat

trampled on
looked down
kick ‘em when they’re on the ground

call ’em out
niggers, dykes, Jews
liars, cheaters
queers, spics, fatso, chinks

you should be ashamed
if you use those names
we’re all something
no one is nothing

there is no dirt beneath
our feet
not beggars
lying in brown bottle gutters
or slaves
digging their way to the grave
on the street
she has a name
and it ain’t ‘ho

you ain’t gotta like ‘em
you don’t have to even help ‘em
but there ain’t no room for hatin’ ‘em

wipe your own dirt
on your smiley-faced welcome mat

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Author, Teresa Bissegger

Teresa Bissegger has published poetry in Illuminations, the creative arts publication of Southeast Community College, Nebraska. She has served on the editorial board of Illuminations for four years. She is a Nebraska native, who owns and operates an antiques store, Antiques Paradise, in Beatrice, Nebraska. In addition to writing poetry, she also enjoys travel and photography.