Still Stuck in the Sixties

Tawdry times,
war and death days
love beads, no bra, hairy legs
gaudy grass bliss, free love
learning freedom. Knowing
free is not just another word.

She’s still stuck in the sixties,
caring, craving peace
now, nearing her sixty year mark.
Her best years then, living long hair,
with wailing guitar, whiskey voice,
free kinky times, war years with
dread, dead, desolate, disillusion-
filled lyrics, Dylan’s strange twang,
his erratic pacing mimicking the times.
Each TV nightly newscast death tally,
just like today, over 40 years, her dreams,
her reality, her worst illusion made real,
images of war burned, blurred bodies,
twined, dancing to destruction’s beat
blood beads spill still in war torn lands.
No change since sixties time,
she’s still caring, craving peace,
still stuck, learning freedom
torn in tawdry war and death days.
“Freedom’s just another word
for nothing left to lose.”


The author, Lynn Skapyak Harlin, 1966


Lynn Skapyak Harlin is a poet who made a living selling her words as a freelance writer, photographer, and newspaper reporter and correspondent. Her first published poem “War Waste” appeared in Time magazine, in 1970. Her work has appeared in Street Review, Arbus magazine, Section Eight Magazine, Florida Speaks, Aquarian,, A.C. PAPA and many others. Her two chap books, Real Women Drive Trucks and Press One for More Options were published in 1997 by Closet Books. She is an editor and leads the Shantyboat Writers Workshop on the Trout River.  

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