Poetry from the Bone


soldiers-grave-67510_1280Nap and Go Maneuvers by David Pointer

You Stand to the Side of the Barracks by Patrick Cabello Hansel

Café Sessrúmnir by Randy Brown

Grace, Ready-to-Eat by Randy Brown

25th & York by Alex Simand

One Images by Joseph Cronin, PhD

Still Stuck in the Sixties by Lynn Skapyak Harlin

jellyfish-113384_1920Billow & Flume by Gayle Brandeis

Laura Dunn’s Antiphon by Lynn Skapyak Harlin

little girl at age five, seven, five, seven, seven by Johnny Masiulewicz

When the “uh huhs!” Changed to “what ifs?” by Lynn Skapyak Harlin

long-forgotten by Johnny Masiulewicz

Caught in the Middle Again by Lynn Skapyak Harlin



Married Once in April by Johnny Masiulewicz

marked FRAGILE by Lynn Skapyak Harlin

Midwest Winter Phenomenon by Johnny Masiulewicz

Maybe I Should’ve Lied by Eric “Shmo” Chandler

imagesDuty of Care by David Olsen

Memorial Day by James Stack

The Army Gave Us Pills by Peter Mehren

1914 the Death of Pan by Philip Lee

Diary of an Air Force Pilot by Reilly Philliben

Marilyn by Lynn Skapyak Harlinrotary-telephone-699031__180

Eggshells and Tulips by Teresa Bissegger

The Confession by Sandy Stert Benjamin

No Room for Hate by Teresa Bissegger


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