Nap and Go Maneuvers

Sometimes military sleeping bags
received an unauthorized field
promotion to body bag after the
night time tanks rolled through
and all that repetitive senseless
death from branch to branch
country to country started to
make the bullets heavy as super-
hero cape weights for high wind
assignments that couldn’t easily
be repurposed after they attached
themselves to ever dividing cells
inside a Leatherneck’s inner spirit
inside a nearby poncho liner that
started climbing up the chain by
serving as embalming cot cover


David S. Pointer served in the United States Marine Corps as a military policeman. The Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library asked to use one of David’s poems to open the first issue of their literary journal “So It Goes” for their “War and Peace” themed issue. David currently serves on the advisory panel at “Writing for Peace.” He is also a new Assistant Editor for “As You Were: The Military Review.

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