marked FRAGILE

Withering decay,
dwindling with age,
she keeps her
own company,
entertains her
own images.
Her fears increase
with her frailty,
mortality tripping each step.

She has no power,
no strength her terrible
possibilities are
certain pragmatic realities.

Dangers lurk,
their subtleties
scoffed at,
sloughed off,
dismissed by,
are missed by
all save the fragile sage.

Lynn Skapyak Harlin is a poet who made a living selling her words as a freelance writer, photographer, and newspaper reporter and correspondent. Her first published poem “War Waste” appeared in Time magazine, in 1970. Her work has appeared in Street Review, Arbus magazine, Section Eight Magazine, Florida Speaks, Aquarian,, A.C. PAPA and many others. Her two chap books, Real Women Drive Trucks and Press One for More Options were published in 1997 by Closet Books. She is an editor and leads the Shantyboat Writers Workshop on the Trout River.

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