Letters from War – War Stories – Human Waste – Military Life – Military Afterlife

The editors of Ash & Bones are honored to publish Cycle 2 from our Military-War-Human Waste-Veteran Series.

For those brave and creative souls who have dedicated their lives to the armed forces, for those witnesses to the impacts of war and military life, and for those who crave understanding of the experiences incited by war and aftermaths, Ash & Bones presents a myriad of insightful readings.

Philosophical perspectives are offered as an enhancement to our musings and endless searches for wisdom about the meaning of aliveness and being.

We urge the impartment of equally contemplative literary art which connects intractable conditions and issues with the consequential conditions of war and military life.


Photo by John Rodriquez


queensland-81537_1280Nap and Go Maneuvers by David Pointer

tumblr_n2keip49PD1qazanuo1_500You Stand to the Side of the Barracks by Patrick Cabello Hansel

soldier-60762_1280How to Tell Your Wife About the War by Gabriel E. Calle

Picture by John Rodriquez

Picture by John Rodriquez


Grace, Ready-to-Eat by Randy Brown

Café Sessrúmnir by Randy Brown


vandalism-298959_128025th & York by Alex Simand


One Images by Joseph Cronin, PhD

peace-529380_1280Still Stuck in the Sixties by Lynn Skapyak Harlin

One thought on “Letters from War – War Stories – Human Waste – Military Life – Military Afterlife

  1. Great issue. All are welcome to share their military words on Sunday May 31st. Andrea Collins, the local point person for Warrior Writers, will facilitate a gathering of the Ancient City Poets from 3:00 to 4:30 pm at City Coffee Company, located at 1280 N Ponce De Leon Blvd (near the Village Inn). The community is invited to share poems and short pieces that speak about the military experience.

    The Ancient City Poets have been gathering monthly in the Nation’s Oldest City since August of 2009. The open mic readings are held “renga style” with no emcee or sign-up sheet and end when all presenters have had an opportunity to share.

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