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In support of National LGBT Pride Month, and the astounding Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage, the editors of Ash & Bones are pleased to deliver this diversified issue. We hope you enjoy tripping back through love and history when you read “Five-Twenty-Two Harrison,” tiptoeing on eggshells and shedding hate during “Tulips and Eggshells” and “No More Hate,” laying roses while reading “The Confession,” being beautiful, graceful “Marilyn,” and engaging in third party review of LGBT rights in Springfield, Ohio, when you read “Dear Springfield, Ohio” and the corresponding essay, “Picking up the Story in 2010: Coming Out LGBT in Springfield.”

A sincere congratulations to all those leaders and supporters of the same-sex marriage initiative and to those who are now finally able to love the ones they love and show it under the terms of legal marriage. 




Marilyn by Lynn Skapyak Harlin




color-91059__180Five-Twenty-Two Harrison by Christopher J. Calcara




tulip-193354__180Eggshells and Tulips Teresa Bissegger




rose-770724__180The Confession by Sandy Stert Benjamin




dirty-57932__180No Room for Hate by Teresa Bissegger




10403043_10205562856805533_8138399291743376429_nDear Springfield, Ohio by Andrea Collins




Rick 9Picking up the Story in 2010: Coming Out LGBT in Springfield by Rick Incorvati




footprint-648194__180 (2)Take Off Your Shoes by Andrea Collins




legs-434918__180Year 2015 at a Glance by Andrea Collins

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