Caught in the Middle Again

And I oh I am caught
dwarfed mid four
generations floundering
looking for the no wake zone
not knowing any of the answers
ceaseless seeking, my muddling
senses intensifying my fears.

I am in charge, head shaking
as gauntlet passed, yet
not allowed to run.
Caught between
older folks plaintive voices.
Calls repeated demanded
then forgotten
but not by me, you see
I worry and am awakened.

While elder dementia
saps our strength
young offspring disconcert.
We are caretakers with no
care left for us.

Caught by my daughter
now a mother, her cares
tied down by offspring,
her delights, my life lights.
Her depression pain
her yearning for
some sort of bliss
troubling all the rest.

And I am caughtbuffer-stop-172266_1280
caught wanting to depart
be apart from all that
blood makes me a part
of…no escape mid life
only out, my dead end.

Lynn Skapyak Harlin is a poet who made a living selling her words as a freelance writer, photographer, and newspaper reporter and correspondent. Her first published poem “War Waste” appeared in Time magazine, in 1970. Her work has appeared in Street Review, Arbus magazine, Section Eight Magazine, Florida Speaks, Aquarian,, A.C. PAPA and many others. Her two chap books, Real Women Drive Trucks and Press One for More Options were published in 1997 by Closet Books. She is an editor and leads the Shantyboat Writers Workshop on the Trout River.

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