Born Animal

Battery Cage 2

Single Chicken Image credits to Curioso / Shutterstock.

The Battery Cage by John Grabski

Multiple Chickens in Battery Cage Image (above)

credits to A. Mazurkevich / Shutterstock.



Speak My Name by Andrea Collins


Past Articles


Animals, Activism & Writing – Wendy Kobylarz-Chouvarda



St. Johns County Animal Control:

You are Not Above the Law – Andrea Collins-Roe, “Tough Girl”


The writers and editors of Ash & Bones are dedicated to exploring and releasing the truth about all sentient life. This column concentrates on animal life, animal rescue, and animal rights. Occasionally, the author and editors will feature interviews and artwork by eco-sensitive artists who intentionally express their wisdom or position about cross-species experiences, relationships, and issues.


Eventually, we will begin requesting your animal rescue stories, poetry, essays, and visual art, so that you can use us to promote your animal rescue organization or personal agenda.


Meet the Born Animal Columnist:

Wendy Kobylarz-Chouvarda has been an animal activist since 1995, after meeting her beloved tabby cat, Simcha, who made her begin to understand why animals matter. A former massage therapist and former non-actor, and a current (and lifelong) lesbian, she is finishing her MFA in Creative Writing at Antioch University – Los Angeles and working to tie together her interests in intersectional social justice issues and creative writing. She has volunteered at animal sanctuaries, and currently feeds a small cat colony, when she is not tripping in holes and spraining her ankle. In her nonexistent spare time, she is learning Greek and watching far too much “Judge Judy.”



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