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flower-skullThe writers and editors of Ash & Bones collaborated their talents and multi-dimensional interests to offer a stage presence to artists of all genres and people of all experiences and backgrounds. Currently, we are looking for work that responds to the following topics.

On-going: Please submit poems, letters, essays, or short stories in response to the following themes:

Letters from War; War Stories; Human Waste; Military Life; Military Afterlife.



Our next edition (#2), “From the Closet,” will be published soon.


We look forward to admiring the products of creative life.

Ash & Bones is dedicated to publishing art brewing just below the surface of our social masks. We seek work that confesses shameful or embarrassing events and situations, pieces that most of us would shudder to read or view, though we secretly relate. Also, we want to learn something new, some situation of experience that might be foreign to our memories and perspectives. We publish both dramatic and humorous art, and we warmly welcome submissions by people that do not consider themselves artistically inclined.

Everyone has a story to tell, and we want you to come out of your hiding places, tell us what you know about living. All voices of experience are legitimate. All stories are worthy.

Editors, Ash & Bones

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