15 Minutes of Forever

2:00 am:

I wait alone, your side of the bed empty, but filled with your scent.

I smother myself deep inside you waiting to hear your voice one more time.


3:00 am:

I still wait staring at the monitor, filled with heavy thoughts.

What are you doing?

Where are you?

The unrealness of it all is I’m a Soldier too “I Know” that makes it worse……


4:00 am:

It’s you…

I’m seeing….

I’m crying…

I’m listening…

I’m loving….

You’re here with me, but not…

I feel you, but I can’t touch you….

Joy and Pain….


4:15 am:

You’re gone…

I’m Alone, buried in your smell again.



Dana Everett is a veteran of operation enduring freedom and recently retired after 15 years in the Army. She has a husband who is also a veteran and 3 kids. She loves to write poetry but has never published anything. She enjoys using her writing as a way to express her emotion and share her thoughts with others.

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