War Stories

Happy 4th of July America! Today we celebrate the birth of a nation, and the sacrifices our forefathers made in the name of freedom for all. In celebration, today we present for your reading pleasure, another set of military themed short stories and poems. Thank you to our authors and all who have submitted to our website!


Am I A Soldier  By Michael Barata

When I say I’m a Soldier  By James Everett Jr

15 Minutes of Forever  By Dana Everett




Morning in Tal Afar, 2005  By TJ Reynolds 

Hello Mosul  By TJ Reynolds

Interrupted Sonnet, A Boot’s Fade By TJ Reynolds





Mom’s Cousin  By David S. Pointer

The Story of Timothy Bright   By Macky Outlaw

Famous   By Travis Klempan

Military Effects.  By Scott W. Trainer